Young, Hung, Cocky Straight Muscle jocks, update on Joey DVD and downloads

Young, Hung, Horny & Waiting

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Zack Joins The Crew

This is Zack 22 years old 170 pounds and big low hanging balls; Zack hung out with us at the Beach House. He showed up to a few parties, met some of the guys and spent some time with Matt and me.  Normally that is not how things work, but this summer at the Beach House was an entirely different story; more shit happened off camera than on; you will be hearing about those in something called “Inside The Muscle Mafia” in development now. 

Zack was cool with a few photos to start, some you see here. He said he preferred to “get his feet wet” off camera first.

Just recently Zack dropped me a text message and told me he was thinking about going on camera and wanted to talk to me about it. He said he searched the Internet on muscle worship and thought most sites were either “roid freaks”, way “too gay” or really “cheap and cheesy”.

So like everyone else here he wanted to cash in on his body, do it on the DL and with complete peace of mind and see where things take him.

After our conversations, I made a call to Mario, the tortured cock sucker from a previous post and made arrangements for Zack, Mario, and The Muscle Mafia Cameras to all get together. 

Look for upcoming newsletters regarding DVDs, VODs and streams with ZACK and see upcoming website updates (, and for teaser clips and footage of Zack’s meeting with Mario and his first time on film.


This is an update on Joey, AKA Traffic Jam Joey. 

Remember a previous post of how we met him and why he got the nickname “Traffic Jam Joey”.

Here are some of the photos taken over the summer, more will post on the sites in members areas and Crew Galleries.  DVDs and VODs will begin to drop of Joey and his time on camera.  Mario (previous post) made a special request for Joey.  I will say this dude comes off like an Angel but is far from it.  He works out like an animal, very aggressive about his workouts and his diet, runs miles a day and shoots a very thick healthy load which you all get to see.  He has become obsessed with giving our cocksuckers a blessing and certainly gave Mario and a few others a face and mouth full of young muscle cum. When Mario finished with Joey he said, “Nice guy, fucking kicking body and a his cock can choke you.” I think I created another cocky straight jock that will be showing up when he needs a serious ego boost and some extra cash.

Joey and I talk just about every week, we talk gym, diet and on camera dieting tips, and discuss what is next for him here.  We also meet so that he can get some of the gifts and things that are sent in for him and always asks how donations to The Muscle Fund are for his future projects. 

This is JC, the cell phone photos above were sent to me just yesterday from the gym locker room.  Here is the deal…..I have memberships to several gyms, JC works out at one of those gyms and so does Mark another guy that hung out with us at The Beach House this summer.  Mark asked if he could give his buddy JC my number and told me to expect an email from him also.

Here is his email cut and paste:

Carlo, what up?  Mark S**** told me to give you a call,he said he did some photos and filming with you this summer. I went on your sites, pretty interesting and off the fucking hook!  Listen man I am 22, a student and currently unemployed and pretty freaked about some bills, the restaurant I was working for cut staff.  Mark told me what you guys are all about, the rest I read and saw for myself.

I am not as jacked as you, but I am a ballplayer and pretty muscular, I get my share of looks from guys and girls and have been told I have a hot body.  I am seeing a girl right now, nothing serious so gotta be discreet. Also, I have a pretty big dick (so I’m told); I am uncut though, I hope that is not a problem.  I would like to talk to you about doing some work with you on the down low.  Here is my number: 646-***-**** give me a call when you can.  I think your organization is exactly what I am looking for; I could be pretty cocky and am I down with showing off especially if I can make some money. I am also a pretty agreessive dude when it comes to certain situations, I feel ya on your philosophy of getting rewarded for working hard on a body.

Thanks Bro!


 When I called JC, he was actually getting ready to workout.  We spoke, he asked questions, I asked questions and I agreed to at least test shoot him.  But before I would consider that he had to send me some recent photos just to be considered.

Like I said, I knew of him and Mark recommended him said he looked good but I need to now see him with my “camera” eye.  No sooner did we hang up did JC email these photos taken in the locker room with his cell phone.

What do you think of JC?  I say we give him a shot here and an opportunity to make some money for himself and some interesting film for the sites… what do ya think?

Muscle Fund Donations for JC

You can also send a total sum for all the guys and all current and future projects.  Thanks!  There is so much going on and so much to tell you I can hardly keep up with it, so bare with me as I shoot these guys, organize the crew, update the sights and somewhere find time to go the the gym and maintain a personal life!!! (ha ha)




~ by bodyboss on December 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Young, Hung, Cocky Straight Muscle jocks, update on Joey DVD and downloads”

  1. OMG, as if Carlo and Matt are not enough every time I visit you guys I feel like I am at an all you can eat buffet of horny muscle jocks. DVDs, VODs, hell I would buy it if it were stick figure drawings on a napkin. You are the best out there. Long time fan, fan 4evrTy


  2. Hey Boss, Matt: DAMN, you guys can pick the talent! Zack looks WAY HOT, JC AMAZING and TJ Joey…WOW! PLEASE, get these guys on video asap and post the clips and/or dvds! WOOF that’s some studmeat. Best…Brian


  3. Carlo, you are an EVIL genious! If what you say and what I have heard is true, and you are the mastermind behind all this, you are my idol. The body dude, no need to tell ya slamming, the attitude fucking turn-on, the brains yo man you should be worshipped. I am worked out, get off on being on both sides depending on my mood, totally in to letting a dude suck me and “bless him” (yeah I use that term now…ha) but if I was in front of you i would drop and suck, take that blessing. your vids, the best out there. Those roid guys all over done, freakish to me. You, Matt and your buds, all each one I would look twice at if I saw at my gym. I read on one of your posts or sites you use the word authentic, that hits the nail man. Boss, my Idol! immitated never duplicated…yeah man!


  4. These guys look great, Joey is prime! Can’t wait to see this guys tool box. Not really into uncut though, I know some are, but kinda grosses me out. Be hot to watch some cocksucker work it though. Very interested in hearing their voices too, attitude and voice is just as hot as body and cock for me man.I’d take a blessing! Also will we see their feet?


  5. Hard, an uncut dick just lets admirer jack him with no lube, and for him to readily finish himself off. So get used to natural males tools. That is how we were born, and how we should stay. Restoration is now a big thing for American guys who don’t like having been cut as a baby, and want to have full sexual functioning restored. 


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