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Without The Muscle Fund we would not have grown to where we are. Charlie a long time follower has become a big fan of Anthony’s and has sent in funds to keep him motivated! Anthony video tapes a special “Thank You” to one of his loyal fans and supporters!! Shot just before he slammed out Jared in a very aggressive hot muscle worship scene that will be a future release at www.musclematt.com


Matt Labor Day Shoot! Jared is the Cock Sucker

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Labor Day Shoot! Shot exclusively at “The Crew Condo” our brand new Muscle Mafia Headquarters. Jared a new cock sucker gets broken by Matt in true Muscle Mafia style! First I (Carlo) bartend and serve up one of my special martini mixes to loosen up a very nervous and quite Jared. By the second martini Jared was relaxed, having fun and then we couldn’t shut him up! So Matt figured his 8 inches would give Jared’s mouth something else to do, so Matt served up a tall order of muscle matt!

Matt’s body was in PRIME condition as usual, but even more prime for him, spot on and so was his aggression. I think this was one of Matt’s best performances. Jared was loosen’d up and Matt took FULL advantage making no apologies or excuses.

This will be a future release after the release of movie number 100, stay in touch here and as always at www.musclematt.com!

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God Creates Man, Man Creates himself, to create is godlike! This to me refers to every man and everything. I believe you shouldn’t waste your time trying to find yourself, but spend it more wisely on creating yourself. Become that man you want to be, take a little from everyone you know and admire. This applies to all aspects of your life, personal and professional. I use this often when grooming a guy for going on camera or building a body.

See who you want to be, imagine it, make it happen. Create yourself and never consider yourself done, someone worth being and someone worth knowing is always creating and re-creating himself, always a work in progress!

Me, Carlo

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#98 Blackout Blow Job, Brad Feeds Keith was Released today at musclematt.com!! Keith is present during a photo shoot where a thunderstorm knocks out power. Brad feeds Keith a load right out of the palm of his hand. Very moody, erotic scene lit mostly by candlelight! Brad, 6’7” tall 270 pounds solid muscle and a 9×7 cock has every inch worshipped! I smell another Muscle Mafia Best Seller!! Great scenes, interesting back story, seductively lit …real, raw and unscripted true Muscle Mafia Style!!

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Big Brad! Sneak Preview of stills from #98 which is in final edits right now and set for release in a couple of days. Great back story, Brad on a photo shoot with me during a massive thunderstorm knocks out power. So rather than bitch about it I decided to do the shoot by candle light. When the power returned it was limited, and would go off again. So, most of this was lit by candles, a few low lights, the A/C at the location was off, it was 100 degrees outside so the only power we could use was for a few fans to circulate air. Brad was looking PERFECT, this is a sneak peak at a still and the cover for #98. Will announce its release here in a follow up post!!

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Behind the Scenes Drama, real, raw and unscripted as always. This is the bitch slap that made history!! A scene from #88 Grandma’s House Brad Tears Greg up! starring Brad. 6’7” 270 pounds of muscle doesn’t know his own strength. Greg The cock sucker got a whack he won’t forget and when he bitched about it he got some words from me he won’t forget either. Not sure which one hurt more or lasted longer guess you will have to ask him. But it’s a HOT best seller and this scene got lots of attention.

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Just read this had to share! “Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart!” Profound, Love it!

Not sure who or where but I found it bouncing around saw an image with that written on it.
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